Comm:Motions is a full service PR- and text-company, offering efficient international communication and marketing support.

The Comm:Motions team is successfully working together as an expert-network for more then ten years now.  Our main focus is b2b-campaigning in the German speaking D-A-CH region. Based on our close network among PR-professionals in other strategic markets, we also running and steering successful pan-european or global communications campaigns for our partners for many years yet.  The Comm:Motions team is closely connected to Media Business in general and leading German journalists and experts in special.

Our main fields of expertise are

  • Media Campaigning in Germany and other European markets
  • Press Releases & Press Events
  • Articles & Case Studies
  • Supporting our clients Online Relations and 2.0 Digital Communication Strategy
  • Production, local and cultural sensitive adaption, translation and cross-media production of Presentations, Speeches, Publications, Newsletters, Brochures …
  • Transfer & Adaption of international Sales and Marketing Presentations and Strategies to the German speaking market
  • Support our clients local and regional Expert Contacts and Networking
  • Political Communication
  • Issue-Monitoring and Research support
  • Anti-Crisis Communication
  • PR-Trainings and Strategy & Targeting-Workshops

The Comm:Motions Network also offers

  • Advertising strategy and -campaigning
  • Catalogue design & Flyers
  • Translations
  • OnlineMarketing & SearchEngine Marketing (SEO/SEM)
  • Crisis Prevention Strategies
  • Design & Printing
  • Video-, TV- and Audioproduction

We mainly support companies in Electronics, Hospitality, IT& eCommerce, Trade & Logistics, Energy, Healthcare, Business-Associations and Consulting-, Media- and Service Companies.

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